Dataverse ExportΒΆ

Dataverse is web application for managing research data, including its publication. In contrast to SampleDB, which focuses on managing flexible, process-specific metadata within an organization, Dataverse has an administrator-managed schema system and aims at the sharing and visibility of research data.

If the Dataverse Export configuration variables have been set, users with GRANT permissions can export object information and files to a Dataverse server. A draft dataset is then created there, which the user can edit, review and publish according to the Dataverse permissions.

To be able to represent the process-specific metadata in a format compatible with Dataverse, SampleDB relies both on the Dataverse Citation Metadata block for generic metadata and the Process Metadata block developed by the University of Stuttgart as part of EngMeta.

By default, none of the files or process-specific metadata will be exported. Users can enable individual files and properties, and the schema of a property may include a dataverse_export boolean to set whether a property should be exported by default. This way, e.g. instrument scientists can provide a suggestion for what should be exported for a particular action.