SciCat ExportΒΆ

SciCat is a web-based catalog for scientific metadata. Although it has a more fixed structure than SampleDB, with categories for proposals, samples, raw and derived datasets, many action types in SampleDB may be able to be mapped to one of these categories. To configure this mapping, the SciCat export type setting for action types can be used.

If the SciCat Export configuration variables have been set, users with GRANT permissions can export object information to a SciCat instance. An entry containing both generic metadata and user-selected properties of the process-specific metadata will be created.

By default, none of the process-specific metadata will be exported. Users can enable individual properties, and the schema of a property may include a scicat_export boolean to set whether a property should be exported by default. This way, e.g. instrument scientists can provide a suggestion for what should be exported for a particular action.

During the export, users are able to select which groups in SciCat should have read and write permissions. Users can also select a SciCat instrument or a previously exported sample or input datasets, if applicable.