Instruments in SampleDB map real instruments to Actions performed with them.

You can view a list of instruments at To make navigating the growing list of instruments easier, users can select favorites by clicking the star next to an instrument’s name.


At this time, instruments can only be created by the SampleDB administrators. If you would like your instrument or action to be included, please let us know.

Instrument Scientists

Most instruments are associated with one or more instrument scientists, who will automatically be granted permissions for all objects created with their instruments. For more information on how permissions are handled, see Permissions.

Instrument Scientist Notes

Instrument Scientists can save notes, e.g. for internal information on instrument maintenance or configuration. These notes will not be shown to regular users, though they should not be used to store sensitive information such as passwords.

Instrument Log

Instrument scientists can use the instrument log to keep track of problems, maintenance or other events. They can decide whether the log can be seen by other users, and whether other users can also create log entries, e.g. to report issues. When a new log entry is created, a notification will be sent to the instrument scientists.