Project Groups

Project Groups are one of the two ways for organizing Users in SampleDB. For Object Permissions, a project group acts as a single entity with members of the group sharing the permissions granted to it up to the permissions they have for the project group itself.

Users can be members of any number of project groups, leave the projects they are in or invite other users if they have GRANT permissions for the project group. Members with GRANT permissions can also remove other members or delete the project group as a whole.

A project group can contain Basic Groups as well as users, though it cannot contain other project groups. Instead, a parent-child relationship can be established between project groups, optionally allowing users with GRANT permissions in a child project group to invite other users to both the child and parent project groups.

A project group may be linked to an object, which shows that the project group is meant for managing the permissions for that object or objects related to it.

Project groups may be best suited for those who want to model their object permissions in SampleDB according to an organizational hierarchy. For a simpler approach, see Basic Groups.

Project groups can be part of multiple Group Categories, which help finding the group in the group list.


Administrators can disable creation of project groups by regular users. Administrators can also disable subproject support.


Project groups were formerly known only as projects. The name was changed to distinguish them from objects containing information about research projects.

Comparing Basic and Project Groups


Basic Groups

Project Groups



Users and Basic Groups



Nested (Project Groups can have Child Project Groups)

Object Permissions

All members get the Object Permissions granted to the Basic Group

Each Project Group member has a permissions level (Read/Write/Grant) for the Project Group and will get Object Permissions granted to the Project Group up to that level

Member Invitation

Any member of a Basic Group can invite new members

Only members of a Project Group with Grant permissions can invite new members